Capardoni, 70 years Solve and pack, zero stress

Capardoni specialises in Packaging for Cosmetics, Perfumery and related services. Travelling with us, you will discover that our cardinal points are production, distribution, consultancy and, most importantly, the result of these aspects when joined together effectively. Staying on board with us is like being on an all-inclusive luxury cruise!

Capardoni has been at the helm in the world of packaging since 1947. We encountered a great number of companies during our long journey, coming from different places and directed to every corner of the world with their load of ambitions, expertise, products and offers. Thanks to our travels, we have developed solid management, communication and creative skills, which we constantly innovate in order to tackle any weather condition. Even if the sea is rough, we always find the right direction.

This wealth of expertise has resulted in strategic Distribution and Production synergies in Italy, Europe and USA. After more than 70 years of successes, Capardoni is now recognised in all markets for the professionalism of its crew, the reliability of the services offered and the quality of its solutions. We aim to be your North Star.

In the seafaring world, work methodologies, customs and traditions are passed on from one generation to the next. This is true also for the packaging sector, governed by an important rule: knowing what to do comes first from experience. Our crew today is more advanced than in the past thanks to the knowledge we acquired. .

At Capardoni, we decided to aim straight at innovation, offering packaging solutions that allow our clients’ products to stand out, and their business objectives to become reality. Prepare yourself for a safe journey: in our hold, we have a complete range of products, which we either produce ourselves or distribute, with a service unrivalled in its flexibility.

Every day we work hard to perfect our identity. We are curious explorers, always on the go, ready to seize every novelty on the map of opportunities. We have a design culture, without ever losing sight of functionality. We know how to dare, to surprise and to captivate people’s attention with our solutions, whilst maintaining our true Made in Italy style.

The best way to tackle the markets is to rely on an experienced crew. On board, you will receive from our service everything you need, because our team has the qualities of a Global Group: ability to sell, customer service, logistics, financial consultancy and much more, to tackle any challenge in the open sea.

Partnership for us is not an end result but the beginning of a journey together. For us, working together means sitting on the bridge of your boat and working out the most effective strategy, and also climbing up the mast and looking at the horizon. We will be your life buoy and you can consult us at every change in route. With us, you will always be sailing before the wind.

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